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Kansas Cit​y​ Cleaning and Maid Services


Providing high quality service for you.

-In Loving Memory-

Mario Pacheco


"It's all about your home, WE GIT-R-DONE!"

Danielle Pacheco


" I am OBSESSED with homes and making them beautiful. It is truly my passion. I want to take care of others' homes the way I would treat my own, and anyone who knows me knows the sincerity of that statement!" 

Melissa Rodriguez

-Residential General Manager-

"I love that our vision as both a company and family is not just to create great cleaners but to train up excellent leaders both in the field and their life!" 

Evelyn Pacheco

-Residential Assistant General Manager-

"I love seeing the satisfaction on our clients' faces at the end of each clean. I just wish they would respond to their confirmations within 24 hours lol!"

Noe Orozco

-Janitorial General Manager-

"God rewards those who hustle!"

Celina Orozco

-Office Manager-

"Mel! Their card isn't working!"

Bryan Rubio

-Residential Operations Manager-

“The thing I love about what we do at Pacheco's Cleaning is just making a house smell and feel nice and clean. It’s also being able to be helpful in an area that’s normally overlooked by busy families, career driven professionals, etc. A plus to it all is building relationships from people that I would otherwise never meet! That includes the dogs 🐶 !"

Bridget Meinert

-Executive Assistant-

"Cleaning? I hardly know her!"

Alyssa Muratalla

-Lead Cleaning Tech.-

"Kill it, cut it,throw it in the air, and make it look like confetti!"

Joshua Meinert

-Cleaning Technician-

"What'd ya learn?!"

Precious Resonno

-Cleaning Technician-

"Ok I'm done, what's next?"

Serina Campos

-Cleaning Technician-

"If you dont like the hand fates dealt you with,fight for a new one." - Naruto Uzumaki

This Could Be You!

-Cleaning Technician-